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I've decided to create a series of AVI tutorials which I call "PTE for Smarties". A very popular series of books for computer users called variously "Windows for Dummies", etc. were written to help beginners learn to use Windows and other software.

Well, I don't think there are any "dummies" using PTE. The fact that you have chosen PTE already demonstrates your intelligence so I elected to call this series of beginning and intermediate tutorials "PTE for Smarties" !! 

I've created the first few of a continuing series on the elements of Pan, Zoom and Rotate. After all, the primary reason users want to use version 5 of PTE is for the Ken Burns effects of pan, zoom and rotate and this first AVI will jump-start your understanding. It's not intended to be a thorough and complete guide to PZR because later installments will get into esoteric uses of these functions, but this will get the beginner started and the continuing series will eventually make a PTE "expert" out of the beginner.

I chose the AVI format rather than Flash or more compressed modes because it's compatible with nearly every PC without the need to load additional software or drivers. I will continue to add links to this post as time goes on. Necessarily AVI files are larger but hopefully will be worth your time.

A note of caution for all who create PNG objects and expect their slideshows to be shown on computers which "MAY" have different resolution from the one you created the slideshow on. NEVER use "original size" for your objects unless your entire slideshow uses "original" size. In other words "DO NOT MIX" original and fit to slide objects in the same slideshow. 

Yes, it's "much" easier to properly position your png overlays when you are creating your slideshow and use the "original size" for your objects, BUT when the slideshow is played on computers with different screen resolutions these objects will "not" fit properly and not properly overlay the original portion of the screen which it is designed to mask. So, remember to never mix "original" and "fit to slide" or "cover slide" in your objects. Keep them consistent.

Note: if for any reason you can't see the video it could be that your system doesn't have the necessary video codec. I used Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2. If you don't have this one you can download it from here thanks to Ken Cox


If this doesn't work for you I suggest using the Freeware VLC Media Player which should solve any problems. Here's the link for it:

Index to Tutorials

1.   PZR for Smarties:
2.   Intermediate Rotate:
3.   Esoteric (advanced) Rotate:
4.   Uber Rotation Possibilities:
5.   Basics of Non-Linear Motion.
6.   Basics of Superzoom
7.   Basics of Hyperlink
8.   Basic Map Route Creation
9.   Button Normal, Hover, Pressed
10. Xara Xtreme 4 Photo Frame Extrusion and Reflection
11. Sound and PTE (2 AVI Tutorials)
12. Waterfall Simulation Tutorial with PNG file to simulate falling water
13. PDF Masking Tutorial
14. Creating the Panos Watch with PTE Animation
15. Basic Text Tutorial
16. 3D Transform Demo and Tutorial
17. 3D "Z" Position Demo and Tutorial
18. 3D Cube Creation and Rotation
19. Christmas Snow Cube Tutorial with Template
20. PhotoScape Crop Tool Tutorial
21. Photoscape Splitter and Combine Tool Tutorial
22. Animate any image with snow in under 60 seconds!
22 (a) Snow template
23. Snow Build Up Over Time Tutorials and Components
24. New Animation Feature in 6.5
25. Audio Envelope
26. A Complete Set of PTE Tutorials in Microsoft MSI format
27. How to Fade and Resume Slideshow Sound with Video Clip Inserted in Middle of Show
28. How to Use Text As A Mask - See Video Or Still Images Within Text
29. How to use a Mask to place text on a background rectangle for easier viewing in some circumstances
30. How to Popup Text when clicking an Object or Area in PicturesToExe
31. How to Popup a Slide when clicking a Slide or Area on A Slide Then Return to Original Image by Pressing ESC
32, Creating and Framing the Transparent Cube - With Cube Template and Transparent Sides
33. How to Move an Object in an Elliptical Orbit and Cause The Object To Pass In Front and Behind Another Object
34. Cube Template and tutorials. How to use your cube sides with template - how to control motion of cube
35. Building a House With PicuresToExe - Improving your Carpentry Skills
36. Marcel's Spiral Zoom Effect Tutorial
37. Wire Frame Object Creation Tutorial
38. Building The Video Wall in PTE
39. Using and Modifying The 8x6 Video Wall Grid
40. Building The Video Room From Your Video Wall
41. Download Gridwork Components To Go With Above Tutorials
42. Using SqirlzReflect With Photoshop and PTE to Create Water Effects
43. Using Masking to Attenuate and Control Water Effects With PTE
44. Controlling Animated Gif Effects With PTE
45. Download Link for SqirlzWaterReflection Freeware
46. Expanding Audio Waveform and Audio Timeline Tutorial
47. Procedure To Create Rippling Water in Complex Image

This index will be continually updated as new AVI tutorials are added.
Most tutorials are followed with downloadable examples.

1. PZR for Smarties:

Pan/Zoom/Rotate Link (about 64 meg)

2. Intermediate Rotate:

Intermediate Rotate Link (about 38 meg)

3. Esoteric (advanced) Rotate:

Esoteric Rotate Link (about 37 meg)

Demo of esoteric rotation:

Demo Esoteric Rotation Link (about 8 meg)

4. Uber Rotation Possibilities:

Uber Rotation Possibilities Link (about 38 meg)

Demo of Uber Rotate with Helicopter

Demo Uber Rotate Link (about 8 meg)

Note: the above is an older AVI I made in response to Jean Pierre's (JPD) suggestion on how to rotate a helicopter rotor blade horizontally for a simulation which one of our forum members was creating. JPD explained it but being a French native speaker some were not completely clear so I created a brief tutorial to show his method which works very well. When you see the AVI remember that the rectangles will be made invisible via the 100% control of opacity. In the demo animation I created you can see how this works in practice.

5. Basics of Non-Linear Motion 
(how to set non-linear motion - about 44 meg)

Basics of Non-Linear Motion Link

Demo of Non-Linear Motion (less than 1 meg zipped executable) Note: press ESC to end show...

Demo of Non-Linear Motion Link

6. Basics of Superzoom (how to effect smooth continuing zoom between images - about 60 meg)

Basics of Superzoom Link

Demo of Superzoom technique (about 37 meg zipped executable)

This demo shows a zoom from about 28mm to 2000mm focal length using multiple frames with multiple lenses. Notice the original "prowler" size image inserted inside the "O" of the word Prowler at the end.

Demo of Superzoom Link

7. Basics of Hyperlink (about 74 meg)

This tutorial shows you how to first create and save a small PNG file consisting of a red rectangle with a transparent center using PixBuilder or Photoshop, etc., then how to use it in a PTE show to hyperlink to different detail images from eacMy linkh place the rectangle is placed, The demo zipped executable following shows the completed PTE file.

Basics of Hyperlink Link

Demo of Hyperlink: (about 6 meg)

Demo of Hyperlink Link

8. Basic Map Route Creation (about 69 meg)

Basic Map Route Creation Link

Example file: (about 8 meg)

Example of Map Route Creation Link

9. Link Below to Buttons Tutorial

Buttons: Normal - Hover - Pressed

Link Below to Zipped AVI for download:

Click Here to Download (about 10 meg)

10. Link Below to Xara Xtreme 4 3D Frame Template and AVI Tutorial

Template Link Click Here

Xara Reflection Frame Template Use Demo AVI

11. Links Below to Sound Tutorials (about 45 Download Each)

Sound AVI Tutorial Link One

Sound AVI Tutorial Link Two

12. Link Below to Waterfall Animation Tutorial (about 69 meg)
Also contains PNG file you can use to simulate falling water....

Link to Waterfall Simulation Tutorial - Click Here

13. Link to Mask Tutorial PDF (this will be updated when I better understand all areas of masking)

14. Links to Watch Tutorials and Files which will allow the PTE user to Animate the Panos Photoshop Watch

Link (AVI Tutorial)

Link (PTE Template)

Link (PDF Tutorial)

Link (example of different watch faces and ways to use in PTE)

15. Basic Text Tutorial:

16. 3D Transform Demo and Tutorial:

17. 3D "Z" Position Demo and Tutorial

18. 3D Cube Creation and Rotation

3D Tutorial PTE File

19. 3D Christmas Snow Cube AVI Tutorial and Template

20. Photoscape Crop Tool Tutorial

PhotoScape Crop tool tutorial link

21. Photoscape Splitter and Combine Tool Tutorial

Photoscape Splitter & Combine Tool Tutorial Link

22. Animate Any Image With Snow In 60 Seconds or Less Tutorial:

Link to Snow Animation Tutorial

22. (a) Snow Template

Link to Snow Template

23. Snow Buildup Over Time Tutorials - Suggested for Intermediate/Advanced Users of Photoshop:

Link to Part One of Two (about 110 meg download)

Link to Part Two of Two (about 90 meg download)

Link to Snowglobe Components For Snow Buildup

24. New Animation Feature In 6.5

Link to AVI Tutorial on New Animation Feature in 6.5 (about 17 meg)

25. Audio Envelope in PTE 6.5 Beta 10

Link to Audio Envelope Tutorial Note - At beginning I discuss 3 seconds when I'm actually talking about 30 seconds. Age related - LOL

26. Formerly for sale - now free - Complete set of PTE tutorials in one Microsoft.msi format (about 360 meg download)

Complete Set - Not Same As Above - of PTE Tutorials

27. How to Fade and Resume Slideshow Sound with Video Clip Inserted in Middle of Show

Link To Sound End and Resume With Video Clip Between

28. How to Use Text As A Mask - Display Still Image Or Video Within Text

Tutorial in MacIntosh Native Exe Format

Tutorial in 'Windows PC Zipped Exe Format 

29. How to use a Mask to place text on a rectangular background for easy viewing or simultaneous fade 
(70 meg Zipped AVI) (alternative is to just use the "button feature - works perfectly).....

Using a Mask to help create text on a background for easier viewing and simultanous fade capabilities

 How to Popup text when clicking on an area or object in PicturesToExe

Popup Text Tutorial Link
(30 meg Zipped AVI)

31. How to Use the Window Feature To Popup a Slide then Return to Original Slide by Pressing ESC

Slide to Image to Slide Link

32. How to Create and Frame the Transparent Cube
Link To Transparent Cube Tutorial
Link To Transparent Cube Template

33. How To Move an Object in an Elliptical Orbit and Make the Object Pass both In Front of and Behind Another Object
Create Elliptical Orbit Tutorial Link
Elliptical Orbit Demo After JPD's Model Link (very small - about half meg visual explanation)

34. Cube Template: 
Tutorial 1 - How to Change sides to your own images (jpg, bmp, png, animated gif or video)
Tutorial 2 - How to control the rotation and size of your animated cube
Link to Lin's Cube Template
Link to tutorial on replacing cube template sides with your own images or video
Link to tutorial on controlling size and motion of your animated cube made with the cube template

35. Building a House With PTE - Component Construction
Building A House With PTE Link

36. Marcel's Spiral/Zoom Effect (really neat effect)
Link to AVI of Spiral/Zoom Effect Tutorial - Marcel's Method Plus

37. Wire Frame Object Creation Tutorial
Link to Wire Frame Tutorial   (about 70 meg download zipped AVI)

 Building The Video Wall With  PicturesToExe
YouTube Link To  Building The Video Wall Tutorial #1

39. Using and Modifying  The 8x6 Video Wall Grid
YouTube Link To Using and  Modifying The 8x6 Video Wall Grid

40. Building The  Video Room From Your Video Wall 
YouTube Link To Building The  Video Room From Your Video Wall

41. Gridwork Components  To Build Video Wall - Zipped File
Link To Zipped  Grids

42. Using SqirlzReflect With Photoshop and PTE to Create Water Effects
Link to Water Effects Tutorial

43. Using Masking to Attenuate and Control Water Effects With PTE
Link to Water Effects Tutorial On Controlling Ripple Effect

44. Controlling Animated Gif Effects With PTE
Link To Brief Animated Gif Tutorial

45. Download Link For Freeware SqirlzWaterReflection Software
Download SquirlWaterReflection Here: 

46. Download Link For Expanding Audio Waveform and Audio Timeline Tutorial
Link To Expanding Audio Waveform and Expanding Audio Timeline

47. Download Link For Tutorial on Creating Rippling Water in Complex Image Using Photoshop, SqirlzReflect and PicturesToExe  (about 111 megabyte download)


















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